Luna Stars Assortment (Orion, Leo, Vela, Ara) Interactive Babies & Dolls

The Luna Stars babies include baby accessories to take care of them during the day and a star on their tummy that lights up during the nights.

They come with a blanket, a feeding bottle, 2 bracelets one for them and another one for you, a little comb, an extra nappy and a Luna Stars story. At night-time their skin glows in the dark and their tummy light will turn off after 20 seconds, lighting again when kids hug them.

Their tummy stars change colour depending on their mood.

Their nappy can be changed by pushing their tummy star with the star bracelet.

Vela is all caring
Orion is snooty
Leo is a joker
Ara is super curious

They need to be feed, to play, to have fun and have their nappies changed, otherwise the light on their tummies will light up and you will hear them cry. During the night they will take care of your dreams and look after you if you are feeling unsettled, they will be there for you with their glow in the dark skin and their tummy light. Hug them and you will see how cute they are.

Note: Packaging under development.

SKU Code : 58.30012
Recommended Age : 3+ Years
Batteries Required : AAA x3
Retail Box Dimensions (cm) : 25 H x 22 W x 5 D
Product Dimensions (cm) : 22 H x 13.6 W x 11 D
Country of Origin : China
MOQ : 4 (1 Assortment)
Available : TBC

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