15,000 Beads & 3 Pegboards in a Green Tub Arts & Crafts

This reusable tub comes with approximately 15,000 assorted beads, 3 pegboards; 223 (Small Hexagonal), 319-09 (Small Elephant) and 322-42 (Dinosaur). Coloured printed design sheet, instructions and ironing paper.

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Hama's aim has always been to encourage creativity and imagination in children and adults alike. These colourful beads are arranged on pegboards to form patterns and then fused together with a iron.
Hama Midi beads are the most popular bead size and each bead measures at 5mm.

SKU Code : 10.2067
Recommended Age : 5+ Years
Tub Size : 19 H x 12 .5 W x 19 D
Country of Origin : Denmark

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