50th Anniversary Beads in bag Arts & Crafts

The 50th Anniversary Beads in bag contains approx. 2,000 beads in an assortment of colours (1-white, 2-cream, 5-red, 43-pastel yellow, 48-pastel pink, 79-apricot, 82-plum, 83-petrol blue, 95-pastel rose, 96-paste llilac, 97-pastel ice blue, 98-pastel mint)
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Hama's aim has always been to encourage creativity and imagination in children and adults alike. These colourful beads are arranged on pegboards to form patterns and then fused together with a iron.
Hama Midi beads are the most popular bead size and each bead measures at 5mm.

SKU code : 10.7103
Recommended Age : 5+
Bag Size : 18.5 H x 13.5 W x 2 D
Country of Origin : Denmark

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