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Monthly Archives for December 2012

DKL Brings Some Christmas Cheer!

Dec 2012

So i’m not sure if you all realised but it’s Christmas! As a Toy company DKL do take the Christmas spirit rather seriously and we like to do our bit to make a difference in the community whether it big …

Hama Bead Blogger Reviews

Dec 2012

With the Summer long gone (well we were confused as to if it had even arrived) it is important to have lots of activities to whip out, especially when the little bundles of energy are in over drive and you …

DKL Dream Playroom Competition Winner!

Dec 2012

It has been fabulous watching your DKL Dream Playroom boards come flooding in over the past few weeks, the response has really been tremendous! Here at DKL HQ we have gotten our colleagues together to form a panel of judges …

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