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Monthly Archives for September 2012

Which Hama Beads are right for us?

Sep 2012

I am the world expert on Hama Beads. No really, I am. Admittedly I decided this myself but outside of the offices of Hama, I’m not convinced anyone else in the entire world has had such a long and beautiful …

Hama Beads – the Pearl of Toys

Sep 2012

I started my personal love affair with Hama Beads 10 years ago; how I missed out on them as a child I never know. I think my parents properly missed a trick as I’m fairly sure they could have kept …

mic.o.mic Blogger Reviews

Sep 2012

Last month we focused on one of our newest brands, mic.o.mic as a product of the month. We sent some lucky bloggers out a few of the kits to try out and see what they made of this innovative brand …

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