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Monthly Archives for August 2012

Miniland Aptitude Reviews from Parent Bloggers.

Aug 2012

With back to school only a week or so away, thoughts are turning back from our (woeful!) summer holidays and back to education and skill building. Learning through play is one of the fundamentals of any well rounded educational experience; …

Toys with wheels… what floats your boat?

Aug 2012

Following on from our post about mic.o.mic last week, I’ve been busy on Pinterest (as usual, I lose hours on that site!) constructing a board filled with toy trains, planes, boats and helicopters. As well as gorgeous toys from more …

Construction at its finest…..its mic.o.mic COMPETITION TIME!!

Aug 2012

For ultimate model-making satisfaction; mic.o.mic toys ‘Build & Play Toys’ are just that! They are a collection of colourful vehicle models that come in a variety of sizes & complexities for different age groups. Children from as young as 3 years  can …

Trains, Planes & Automobiles: mic.o.mic rules!

Aug 2012

They say (I don’t know who say this but ‘they’ can’t be wrong!) that homes with children are Lego homes of Playmobil homes. Aside from the fact that this is patently untrue in my house, where the people from one …

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