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Looking for some new toys? DKL Toys have added some fantastic new products to their range which aren’t to be missed!


Hama Highlights:

Hama is original bead brand, providing hours of fun! Simply create your design on a pegboard and iron it to fuse the beads to create fantastic designs that last. There are lots of exciting changes to the 2019 Hama packaging which you can’t miss! Look out for the new gift boxes that feature Hama Gems, yes you heard us right! Hama Gems! You can now add sparkle to your hamazing creations! Also check out the brand-new Hama Tac – no more tears over spilt beads. With the incredible tac, the beads stick while you design and stop your beads from falling off the pegboard, plus the Hama tac can be used time and time again!

Shop our full Hama range here.



Plus-Plus Highlights:

The little shaped pieces for big imaginations brings a whole new range of interactive building experiences. Plus-Plus have introduced 15 new of the ever popular 100-piece tubes with themes including superhero, mermaid, aquatic animals, farmyard animals and a space range! Look out for the brand new 240-piece tubes for even more hours of fun!

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Bloco Highlights:

Bloco slot together construction system combines tactile, coloured blocks and favourite character themes to bring the world of building and creating to life. Whether following instructions, or your own imagination, the possibilities are endless! Keep an eye out for the 3 new Bloco sets; Treasure Dragon, Race Car and Wild Wheeler!

Shop our full Bloco range here.


PlayMais Highlights:

PlayMais is an environmentally friendly and natural way to play! Simply cut, roll and squeeze then stick by dampening with water. Endless creations are possible, from easy 2D mosaic creations, to more challenging 3D creations. When your next in your local toy retailer you must look out for the exciting new long box tubes containing 750 pieces! If you prefer PlayMais Mosaic then you’ll going to love our new tub sets!

Shop our full PlayMais range here.


Breyer Highlights:

Breyer is renowned for the realism, authenticity and detailed accuracy of its models. Each model is expertly hand painted and finely detailed. We can’t get enough of Fantasy Horses which is why we have added 3 more to the 2019 collection plus the Unicorn blind bags!

Shop our full Breyer range here.


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Written by: Carmel Edwards

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