Top 10 stocking fillers under £7.00

It’s that time of the year again when we begin our Christmas shopping. If you are looking for stocking fillers for children, we’ve put together a list of some items we’re sure they’ll love that are under £7.00 each!


Hama Beads Blister Pack – £6.00 each
Hama is loved by Children who can’t get enough of Arts & Crafts. The Hama Blister Packs, retailing at just £6.00 are the ideal stocking filler. Available in 9 different themes, there is plenty to choose from! Create colourful designs following the design guide provided or create your own masterpieces! Simply place the beads onto the pegboard and iron using the special ironing paper provided to create a permanent design! These packs contain over 1,100 midi beads, 1 pegboard, instructions and ironing paper. Purchase yours here!












Plus-Plus tubes – £5.50 each
There are endless creations to be made with Plus-Plus from fantastic mosaics and 3D designs, only limited by imagination. Plus-Plus really encourages the use of imagination and invention. The little-shaped pieces fit together to form whatever artistic creation a child can think of. Plus-Plus is the perfect stocking filler as they come in tubes of 100pcs and are available in 15 different coloured combinations and themes so there is something for everyone! Find out more and purchase yours here!


Plus-Plus 70 Piece Kit – £4.00 each
The Plus-Plus 70 Pieces Kits are available in 6 different colours/themes! They contain 70 construction pieces and instructions. Your little ones can follow the instructions to make the designs on the box or create their very own imaginative creations! You can purchase Plus-Plus products here.


PlayMais Mini Mosaic – £3.00 each
PlayMais Mini Mosaic is a perfect stocking filler! The boxes contain over 300 PlayMais Mosaic pieces, 2 colourful printed design cards and accessories to make wonderful creations. Made of corn starch, water and food colouring, no glue is required and all that is needed to get started is a little water and plenty of imagination. Natural, safe and 100% biodegradable. You can buy PlayMais Mini Mosaic sets here.


PlayMais One – £2.40 each
Playmais stimulates creativity and helps little fingers build fabulous things. PlayMais One is a starter box containing over 70 PlayMais pieces, colourful instructions and accessories. Cut it, roll it and squeeze it, moisten a cloth and then stick together…it’s as easy as A, B, C to shape and mould your very own PlayMais Animals! Best of all there are more than enough pieces to make more than one design! Find out more and purchase yours here!


Scentco 5 Pack Graphite Smencils – £6.50
Scentco stationary is fun, eco-friendly and most excitingly SCENTED! Something very unique about our all Smencils is that their made from 100% recycled newspaper and the scent is guaranteed to last 2 years! The Smencils 5-Pack includes 5 of our gourmets scents. Each Smencil is a graphite pencil and is packaged in its own recyclable plastic freshness tube that includes a collectible character top cap! You will receive one each of the 5 scents: Strawberry, Grape Jelly, Blueberry, Kiwi and Orange. Shop our Scentco Smencils here!


Scentco Paper Clips – £2.50
Do you know someone who likes to keep their work organised? Then these scented paper clips would be the perfect stocking filler. The Paper Clips are available in 4 fun themes; Mocha, Marshmallow, Peanut Butter & Jelly and Fruit Punch. These scented paperclips each have their own unique scent guaranteed to last at least 2 years! The scent is emitted from the rubber top character of the paperclip. You can purchase Scentco paperclips here.


Scentco Backpack Buddie – £6.50
Scentco Backpack Buddies are a super fun addition to any bag. They are scented stuffed animals that come attached with a keychain. There are 6 different characters; Unicorn, Monkey, Elephant, Puppy Dog, Teddy Bear and Bunny all with their own unique smell. Each Backpack Buddy is filled with super soft stuffing and gourmet scented beads. Best of all, scents are guaranteed to last at least two years! Find out more and purchase yours here!


Breyer Single Stablemates – £3.95 each
These are perfect for any horse lover to collect or play with. Why not start off your little one’s single stablemates collection! There are 8 to collect: Paso Fino, Shetland Pony, Standard bred, Icelandic Pony, Quarter Horse, Arabia, Appaloosa, and Warmblood. The horses are beautifully detailed and hand crafted! Purchase your single stablemates here.


Breyer My Dream Horse Paint & Play – £5.00
Looking for a gift for an arty horse lover? Then they’re bound to love these Breyer Paint & Play kits! These are a great starter set for children who want to expand their Stablemates collection, as well as designing their own look for them. The kit includes 1 base-coated ready-to-paint Stablemates horses (Draft/Belgian, Morgan, Warmblood or Arabian breed), 3 paint pots with realistic horse colours, and 1 paint brush. You can purchase this wonderful stocking filler gift here.

Written by: Carmel Edwards

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