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We’re finally getting out into the garden and starting to feel like summer has arrived here and although my girls are getting bigger now, they still love to mess about in sand, water and – quite frequently – dirt! Plus with a little boy who will soon be mobile, I’m enjoying having the chance to look at outdoor toys and see what will be gracing our garden over the next few years.

If you’ve seen the competition we’ve been running here, you’ll see that the fabulous tractor from Miniland is a rugged and sizable toy with plenty of opportunity for really getting stuck in to some garden play. Big enough to feel like a biiiiiiig toy to any tractor mad boy or girl, the tractor has plenty of moving parts and lots of opportunities for getting up to the elbows in sand, mud and anything else that can be DUG! I’ve got a feeling both that and the Miniland Monster Truck will be very popular here, given half a chance.
As someone who lives in a not particularly huge house with quite a lot of children though, I’m always pleased to find toys which either double up to cover several different bases or doesn’t take up much space. Toys like the Miniland Garden Kit really do it for me because I know it will get used to garden, or in the sandpit or even in the bath. Plus it all packs away into the outer basket, meaning I have at least half a chance to make sure we hang on to all the pieces for next summer too.

Toys like these stacking pots are equally fabulously multi-purpose and we’ve had a similar set in our bath which have now lasted a little longer than 10 years (not bad going… only beaten by Mr Welli-phant the soap dish!) They’ve been good in paddling pools, for hair washing, for games that involve measuring and of course, we have stacked and sorted them too, learning sizes and colours along the way.

Clearly I’m obsessed with water play. Shall we move on to something else?

Miniland Educational has definitely found a niche for me in terms of products I like to have in the house but find it hard to source at a price or quantity that I want to buy. When my girls were at playgroup they often really enjoyed threading buttons or cotton, doing sewing and lacing cards and playing repetitively with simple sorting manipulatives. Miniland Educational have brought out a range of family sized sets of these which can be used for lots of things, from sorting, matching, counting, colour recognition and, if our house is anything to go by, turning into cakes in the pretend cafe at at least once a week!

Last up for today, though I think I will be back to these at some point as I *love* the idea, is a set of pegs and boards similar to Maxi Stick, from the Hama Bead range. The Miniland version come in 3 peg sizes, allowing for different complexities of picture and differing motor skill levels. Ideal for children who want creativity without too much sticking or pasting, as a non messy craft or a holiday game, I can see these being a real hit.

The entire ethos behind Miniland Educational is that of robust toys with good learning and playing opportunities built into them, allowing open ended play and discovery. They encourage exploration and imaginative play, while improving aptitude for co-ordination and reasoning.

If you would like to become a Miniland Retailer, or have your link to this brand featured in this article, please do get in touch.


Written by: Merry

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