Hama bead inspiration

Looking for Hama bead design inspiration? We have shared our favourite designs to get you started.

Phone cases

Hama bead phone casesCredit: Pinterest

Jazz up your phone with these cool phone cases! They’re so easy to make and everyone will be wanting one. Simply grab a clear phone case and measure it against a pegboard to see how many beads can fit on your case. Come up with a design (or follow one of the designs above) and get started. Once you have finished your design, ironed it and leave it a while, stick it to the back of your clear phone case and you’re good to go. These would also be a great gift idea!



Disney Hama beadsCredit: Pinterest

Any Disney fanatic will want to try create their favourite Disney character! These are a little fiddly to make as they look best when designed with mini beads. Grab the largest pegboard, the colours needed to create your favourite Disney character and design away. If might be easiest to print out a design and copy the beads. Be sure to check our Pinterest for Disney inspo.


FoodFood Hama beadsCredit: Pinterest

Cake without the calories (or any of your favourite foods). These are a fun little project that look great once finished, and a great design for anyone new to Hama beads. Plus, there are tonnes of different food themed designs you could create.


Drink covers

Drink covers Hama beadsCredit: Pinterest

There is nothing worse than enjoying the sunshine in the garden, only to grab your drink and find bugs floating in your cup! These Hama bead drink covers are the perfect summer idea that should definitely keep those pesky bugs from using your drink as a personal pool! (you could even take them on holiday with you and show off). When the sun isn’t shining you could use them as drink coasters.


Earphone holder

Hama bead headphone holderCredit: Instagram

This is a super fun craft activity and a great way to keep your earphones untangled! Start by choosing whether you want to use a round or square pegboard to create your design. You’ll need to make a top, a bottom and two smaller circles/squares for the middle. For the top, you’ll want to make a full circle/square shape and then remove 3 beads from the left and 3 from the right. For the bottom, you’ll want to mimic the same as you did for the top but make it a full circle/square. Finally make two inner circles/squares, be sure to make these smaller, this will allow enough room to wrap your cord around them when it’s finished. You’ll then want to iron your 4 designs, and once cool enough glue the pieces together to make a fun earphone holder.


Board games

Hama bead board gamesCredit: Pinterest

We love this Hama bead board game. Choose your favourite board game, whether that is noughts and crosses or checkers, and design your own fun version of it. Hours of fun can be had designing and playing with this!


Hama Beads are the perfect way to create brilliant designs. Just place the beads one by one on your chosen pegboard, then iron and peel away to reveal your design. Shop from our range of mini, midi, maxi beads and pegboards.

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Written by: Carmel Edwards

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