Top 6 toys perfect for the school holidays

The school holidays are upon us and we’re sure you’ve already heard “I’m bored!” quite a few times! That’s why we’re going to suggest the top 6 ultimate boredom busters from across our ranges.

Hama beads Hama’s aim is to stimulate creative play through producing colourful and imaginative designs. Your children can have hours of fun with this set which includes over 10,000 midi beads and 2 pegboards including a yellow star and a red heart. Your little ones or even you can create awesome designs taking inspiration from the box provided or create your own freestyle masterpieces. Hama beads is such a fun and simply concept, simply create colourful bead designs on the plastic pegboard; to make a model the beads can be ironed using Hama’s special ironing paper. The pegboards can be used over and over again to create all the designs you and your children can imagine. This set is suitable for 5+ years.



These little shaped pieces are for big imaginations. Plus-Plus building bricks allows kids to create fantastic mosaics and 3D designs. These tubes are the perfect on-the-go toy and allow children to create endless designs with these tubes. The tubes contain 100 Plus-Plus pieces and come in 5 different colour schemes, basic mix, neon mix, pastel mix, greyscale and camouflage. Plus-Plus also have themed tubes that include dinosaurs and other fun animals. These tubes are suitable for 5+ years.



Endless creations are possible with PlayMais. From easy 2D mosaic creations for little ones, to more challenging 3D creations for older children. This bucket is ideal for the school holidays, it includes 1,000 PlayMais pieces, instructions & accessories. PlayMais sticks by just getting it a little damp with water and it is easy to shape with your fingers meaning mess free play! And it gets better… it is an all-natural crafting toy that is 100% biodegradable and doesn’t impact the environment (yay!). This tub is suitable for 3+ years

Scentco - Scented stationery This Scentco Scents to Go Activity Kit is a must for any crafty kid! It includes 4 Coloured Smencils, 4 Gel Crayons, 5 Colouring Sheets, 21 Smickers, 5 Jumbo Smickers and 12 unscented Stickers plus all the scented products have a 2-year scent guarantee! This activity kit is suitable for 3+ years.

Breyer - Paint your own unicorn If you have a unicorn loving child, this Paint Your Own Unicorn is a no brainer! Breyer’s Paint Your Own Unicorn allows children to design their very own unicorn, however they imagine it should look. The kit includes everything you need to paint a colourful and imaginative unicorn. It features 1 Stablemates unicorn, 1 paintbrush, 6 paint pots and an instruction sheet. Breyer makes the world’s most realistic and authentic model horses and accessories for play, collecting, customising and showing. This arts and crafts kit is suitable for 6+ years


StartLab - Squishy Human Body

Make learning fun for your children with this Squishy Human Body from SmartLab. This hands-on kit and tour guide allows kids to enter the twisted world of the human body! Complete with squishy, removable, vital organs as well as skeletal, vascular, and muscular systems, kids can explore the complex inner workings of the human body and see how it all fits together! The Squishy Human Body is suitable for 8+ years.


Written by: Carmel Edwards

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