We are excited to announce the launch of our new website!

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new website!! The updated site includes new features such as allowing you to browse products by toy category or age. You are also able to purchase products from all of our brands directly from our website.

If you haven’t heard already we have 9 fantastic ranges that are fun children’s brands which fit in perfectly with DKL’s portfolio of high-quality brands. The brands include:

Hama bead logo

Hama Beads are the leading brand of fuse beads in the world with the largest range of sets and accessories. The aim of Hama Beads is to stimulate creative play though producing colourful and imaginative designs. They offer a large range that cater for all area of interest for both children and adults. Follow Hama Beads on Facebook and share your designs!


Plus-Plus logo

Plus-Plus building bricks allow kids of all ages to create fantastic mosaics and 3D designs, only limited by their imagination. In their range they have two sizes – the 20mm pieces are perfect for 5+ years and the 50mm pieces are suitable for 1-6 years. Follow Plus-Plus Toy UK on Facebook and show us what you’ve created!


Bloco logo

Bloco is a different species of construction. Bloco’s high density foam pieces and uniquely designed plastic connectors interlink, stack and rotate at any angle to create loveable and captivating creatures you can play with or display as decorative items. They have a large range of products to cater for children from 5+ years.


PlayMais logo

PlayMais is a natural product made from corn grits and water. Simply stick the pieces together to create colourful kingdoms, animals or whatever your imagination fancies! From easy 2D mosaic creations for little ones, to more challenging 3D creations for older children, PlayMais is limitless and fun! Follow PlayMais UK on Facebook and share your designs!


Scentco logo

Scentco is an irresistible range of scented stationery that offers fun, eco-friendly alternatives to ordinary pens and pencils with a 2-year scent guarantee. Scentco products are good for the planet. All Smencils and Smarkers are made from 100% recycled newspaper. All their products can be enjoyed by 3+ years. Follow Scentco UK on Facebook and let us know which products your favourites are!


Scratch logo

Scratch have a collection of unique classic toys, games and more. The range includes everything from pre-school toys and puzzles, to musical instruments and magnetic darts!


Breyer logo

Breyer is the iconic brand which has been hand-crafting the finest quality model horses for over 60 years. They make the world’s most realistic and authentic model horses and accessories for play, collecting, customising and showing with a large range of products to cater for children and adults. Follow Breyer Horses UK on Facebook and tell us what you love about Breyer!


Escabbo logo

Escabbo is a fantastic bath toy range specifically designed with babies and children in mind to bring more fun to bath time. They have a great range that is suitable for 0+ years.


SmartLab logo

SmartLab science kits invite young explorers to create and experiment through hands on learning with each kit providing educational guides and activity books.

We hope you love our new website! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and let us know what you think!

Written by: Carmel Edwards

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