Plus-Plus GO!

Plus-Plus GO! – has transformed the way little ones can play with Plus-Plus!

GO! brings motion to the Plus-Plus building experience. The wheels and hubs come in various colours and are designed to perfectly fit other Plus-Plus accessories and pieces. Together with the chassis baseplates, Plus-Plus GO! opens up a new dimension of play.

A Plus-Plus GO! wheel is: compatible with existing Plus-Plus components, open-ended and reversible (2 colours on each)

A Plus-Plus GO! chassis is: open-ended, able to be linked to other baseplates, the perfect size for cars, trains and more and available in difference colours

Go Vehicles are: sturdy enough to play with, combine imagination and fantasy, have engaging details (e.g. seats, steering wheels and exhaust pipes), utilities Plus-Plus’ unique colour palette and offers endless opportunities for customisation.

GO! is suitable for 5+ years

Make & GO! is safe for 1+ years.

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