Welcoming Breyer Animal Creations to DKL!

Breyer SPF

We have been quiet for a while, working behind the scenes on so many exciting things and now you all know why… We have added the brilliantly fabulous, timeless, and stunning Breyer Animal Creations to our ranges!!

If you have ever owned a Breyer Horse Model it will be easy for you to understand our excitement but for those of you who are new to the brand here is the story behind these beautiful horse models…

Consisting of 4 different scales each Breyer model has a meticulous creation process. First things first, the Breyer Team have the challenging job of determining a particular horse, breed or pose to create which can be anything from famous horses such as Frankel to miniature models of real life breeds. From the drawings, photos and the confirmed position, leading equine artists craft a wire armature to confirm the pose and overall sizing. The sculpture is then whisked off to be cast into a copper and steel mould!

Breyer Wire Armature

Breyer Wire Armature

Once the mould is complete the Breyers fantastically skilled artisan’s get to work! Each Breyer model is prepped and finished by hand and then turned over to the painting department for hand painting (with airbrushes) and detailing (with paint brushes). In all, some 20 artisans work on each individual model horse, creating an exquisite hand-made model horse that is as individual as the horse that inspired it.

Breyer Artistry

Breyer Artistry

Pretty impressive right? It’s no wonder that the Breyer brand has remained loved by so many for over 60 years 🙂 You are sure to find a Breyer horse to capture the imagination of all, from children, horse enthusiasts and collectors. The different collections include accessories to compliment the horses bringing imaginative play to life! So here is a very brief run down of what you will find in the Breyer collection…

The Stablemates collection may be small in size at a scale of 1:32 but don’t be fooled, they are just as detailed and authentic as the larger models

Breyer Stablemates

If it’s a slightly larger model your looking for the Classics collection is your first port of call. Perfect for the junior collector the true to life horses have authentic hand painted details, classic barns, riders and accessories to satisfy active role play!

Breyer Classics English Horse and Rider

Breyer Classics English Horse and Rider

The most popular Breyer model size is the Traditional Series. They are a 1:9 scale and sought after by children and adults alike because of the wide range of horse breeds from around the world!

Breyer Traditional Sport Horses Totilas - Dressage Superstar

Breyer Traditional Sport Horses Totilas – Dressage Superstar

Last but not least, Minnie Whinnies are the smallest of the breyer range. Even at 1:64 scale they pack a punch, carrying the unmistakable Breyer authenticity, they are the perfect introduction to collecting!

Minnie Whinnies


This by no means touches the surface of the extensive Breyer range there is so much on offer from Craft Activity Sets, Plush Models to Horse Stories! We are so excited to share the Breyer Animal Collections with you so what better way to start than a competition!

To Enter follow the instructions on the widget below, there are 4 Breyer horses to be won, 1 from each of the ranges mentioned above – Good Luck!

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  1. They are stunning and so life like! My sister has a Shetland pony and she lets her kids, my kids and our two brother’s kids rind on her. I help my sister look after the pony and my two daughters especially adore horses!

  2. I think it is a fab brand, very well and lovingly made, a definite toy to purchase for any girl

  3. I love them they are so well made.

  4. Very life like models – lovely

  5. They look like great producrs

  6. i love the colours of the horses

  7. they look fantastic well made and very true to life 😀

  8. I’ll be honest and say I’d never heard of them until this post – they are stunning though and so very lifelike. My eldest grand-daughter is mad about horses so I think I will have to have a look at this range!

  9. very lifelike and look hard to make yet look robust

  10. I love them – I used to have similiar as a child and would love my children to experience the joy of owning one 🙂

  11. they are gorgeous

  12. they look great!

  13. They are a good quality brand and I would love one for my niece.

  14. The attention to detail and so ,ugh thought put into them also I know my daughter like alot of girls would love them.

  15. They are fab and so life like.

  16. They are beautiful, and so realistic.

  17. they look very life -like

  18. It’ll will be good to see a great distributor work with all the suppliers in the UK to get the full range available. It has been sorely lacking in the last decade, and due to this people have been choosing to buy from abroad instead of supporting UK suppliers. So Following blog and facebook with interest 🙂

  19. Gorgeous! Our little girl would adore these.

  20. They are gorgeous and so realistic looking

  21. Very life like!! 🙂

  22. I think they look lovely and perfect to inspire children’s play 🙂

  23. they look very realistic

  24. Love the fact that they’re all handmade, it really shows with the quality and detail.

  25. They look really well made and have lots of detail, the colours are really good too x

  26. They’re very well done – very life like 🙂 x

  27. I love Breyer horses. I still have my Appaloosa foal model which I bought for myself some 22 years ago and it is still beautiful and has not faded at all. I wish I could have afforded to buy more. It would be lovely to win one