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My name is Merry and I’m delighted to be joining DKL’s new Social Media team as a guest blogger on this sparkly DKL Talk about Toys blog. I have a long history with DKL, who gave me my very first credit account back in 2003 when I opened CraftMerrily and became one of the first online shops to sell Hama Beads. Since then we’ve gone on to sell their full range of brands on our toy shop at PlayMerrily, so I like to think I’m a bit of an expert on their fabulous selection of dolls, crafts and toy ranges.

My other life, apart from owning a toyshop is as a home educating parent and a blogger at Patch of Puddles, where I write about life as a mum of a large collection of children and using toys and craft materials as part of our laid back, child led education. It was actually using Hama Beads for the first time (having been deprived of them as a child) that led me to investigate selling them. My flighty 4 year old became utterly engrossed in them and a passion was born. Over the years they’ve been used for so many different projects and are one of the crafty products that features repeatedly.

The blog is a 9 year history of us exploring different ways to use toys and play as a fundamental part of education and developing skills through childhood. As a parent who has seen the internet grow from nothing to its current all pervasive incarnation, I’ve had endless frustrations through the years of trying to find exactly the materials that I want to help the children explore different topics. One of the biggest problems in the past has been finding home sized portions of the products used regularly in nurseries and schools – maths manipulatives, sorting and threading toys, construction sets and fine motor control games. So I’m truly thrilled that DKL has added Miniland Educational to their brand portfolio and can’t think of a better way to begin my exploration of their toys on this sparkly new blog than by taking an in depth look at what Miniland has to offer.

This month I’ll be looking at helping kids to dip their toes into science at home, finding out more about some of the great education boxed sets and hoping for some better weather so we can try out some of the outdoor toys too. I’ll be looking for some bloggers to review products for DKL and setting up a great competition too, so do use the box on the right to subscribe to the posts by email, join us on Twitter and Facebook and add us to your RSS feed. This blog is most definitely the place to be to talk about toys 😉

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  1. I had just started my own blog to reviews children’s products.

    Please let me know if I can help! Thanks!