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Welcome to the Breyer Freedom Series

Welcome to the Breyer Freedom Series. This fresh new packaging for our 1:12 scale models helps unify the presentation of our horses across all of Breyer’s product lines. As we introduce this new creative direction, we’d like to answer a few questions about the change.

Why the name “Freedom Series?”

Freedom Series stands for one of the strongest attributes ascribed to horses – freedom! The freedom to go on adventures, explore and dream. Horses inspire us like no other animal in the world. Freedom Series was designed to capture the power that only horses deliver.

Are Classics being discontinued?

Absolutely not! The introduction of Freedom Series is solely a name and packaging change. All current line products remain exactly the same – Freedom Series is everything you love about Classics and more! At Breyer, we are more dedicated to our 1:12 scale models than ever – we are excited to expand the line with new sculptures, mare and foal sets, single horses and more.

With that being said, if you are a fan of the current Classics packaging, now is a good time to seek out those boxes before they are phased out!

What else is in the Freedom Series packaging?

Freedom Series packaging is for all of Breyer’s 1:12 scale horses, including decorator models, the Horse of the Year series, unicorns and more. In addition, a few other products such as Mini Whinnies are also part of the Freedom Series packaging, helping our retailers create exciting and thoughtful Breyer displays in their storefronts. If you are unsure about the scale of a Breyer product, check the horseshoe icon on the front of its packaging. 

Welcome to a world of pure freedom – where you can have a real horse of your very own. Explore the world of Freedom Series now by clicking here!


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